Philadelphians know television personality Jenn Frederick as a morning dose of energy. She’s the adventurous, zany, always smart and always funny news Gal on the Street.  Her fans find Jenn propelling down a skyscraper one morning and sitting down to tea with a princess the next. She travels around the world to interview celebrities and deliver news for audiences in Philly, her adopted hometown. Covering events like The Super Bowl and The Cannes Film Festival sounds amazing, right? Well, she is about to let you in on her best kept secret – her personal life is WAY more interesting.

With a husband, two kids, a career, and tons of friends,  Jenn is able to find humor in finding balance.  As far as finding confidence, well Jenn is the first to admit that THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. From nightmare outfits to those last five (or 11 ) pounds that don’t seem to want to just melt away, Jenn is all of us.  In classic Jenn style, she gives you the “real skinny” on what it really takes to be “real skinny.”  In her blog, DailyJennFred, Jenn shares with you with her take on reality from diet mistakes to the carpool craze to basically everything you always wanted to know about the lives of those TV gals who make it all look so damn easy.

Take it from me, just an average mom with a not-so regular job,  you will want to read the DailyJennFred to feel a little bit better about yourself and literally laugh your ass off (a girl can hope) in the process.

Sincerely, Your Girlfriend, Jenn Frederick

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