Hey, I’m Jenn.

Welcome to my world. Philadelphians know me as their morning dose of energy. I’ve been an anchor and reporter at Fox 29 for 20 freakin’ years, which means that I have been around the world and back again, covering stories from your local bakery to The Super Bowl, Cannes Film Festival, and more. But I’m about to let you in on my best kept secret – my personal life? WAY more interesting.

Between the hustle and bustle of having a family, a crazy busy social life, and a job that keeps us all on our toes, I’m finding humor in finding balance.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey and find along the way that more than being your “local news-lady,” I am also your best friend, your biggest fan, and your loyal follower (well, on Instagram… not the psycho-stalker type).

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The DailyJennFred:

  • On this day… I choose love. Bj
    On this year 2020 Mother’s Day, I choose love.  I have healthy inmates ( my kids) and a guy who is willing plant flowers in the places I choose .. my husband.  There are Moms our there who do not
  • You guys are screwed…
    Yes, guys MEN IN PARTICULAR, I am looking at you this week. Do you even know what you are about to face?
  • CO-vintimacy. Yes, it’s a word.
    Co-vintimacy is a word if I say it’s a word… that’s how it works now right? We are all just adapting to the new normal… one day more screwed up that the next.  No, I am not including you JACKSONVILLE BEACH