Ok… it’s 2021 and yes we are still trapped in our homes … forced to eat outside and wishing we could all hop on a plane to ANYWHERE. Time to rip the band aid off the wound called 2020 and

start doing something. Remember when we were all walking all day everyday in March April and May of 2020 ??

Here is my challenge to you … to me and to all of my friends. I’m challenging the dummies on Facebook who want to fight with me too !!

In Philly it’s currently 9 weeks until Spring Break. Now, I realize you might not be heading to the South of France … you are not even headed to South Padre Island…I’d take a trip to South Buffalo at this point. So, how about this ?? I am going to challenge myself to walk / run / bike 100 miles in 9 weeks.

I am going to try and walk with some of my buddies. I will have to walk when it’s super cold. I am hoping these walks will replace the zoom cocktail hours we had in the Spring.

I will drag my kids along for some of it . I will actually walk and think and remain quiet for a lot of it ( you know this is really hard for me)

But, I am ready to have something to focus on other than “where are the shots coming from?” “when are the kids going back to school” ” who had a playdate with who”

I am ready to FOCUS ON SOMETHING GOOD AND HEALTHY AND THIS IS MY ONLY IDEA!! Remember when we had fun ??

So, I am starting this week. I hope at least some of you hop on this challenge and do it with me. I am not a fitness person so I have no idea is this is even a good thing to try. All I know is that I am ready to start thinking about a life after Covid-19 Quarantine.

Yes, I am aware that things will be insane for the rest of the year. But, that does not mean I have to be a crazy person. I am going to walk and think and smile. I might even start eating more veggies too. I am not going to go dry January or full Keto Diet but I am ready for something different … are you ??

If you are in … just say I’M IN I’ll be sharing this idea on Facebook and Instagram too.

100 miles of moving … walk bike run … rollerblade I do not care.

But do it in 9 weeks. AND HAVE FUN DOING IT !!

Also – I know many of you are listening to my podcast. I have another one coming tomorrow with one of my favorite people. Thanks for reading/listening/ walking ….

Published by JennFred

Mom. Wine Lover. Sarcastic as BEEP

25 thoughts on “LET’S DO THIS !!

  1. I’m in! I used to walk all the time, then COVID came and I got out of my routine. I need to get back to it!


  2. I’ve been doing this walking thing since Covid. It’s my sanity and time to be with friends and family safely❤️Good luck to everyone taking Jen Fred’s fabulous challenge!!

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  3. I’m in! I’m also doing the Get to Sesame Street Challenge! They have a 100 mile virtual race and 500 mile virtual race, you have all of 2021 to do it! I’m doing the 500 mile challenge, but the cold weather has been holding me back some. Your challenge is a help to get me motivated again! Thanks!


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