Yes, it’s stupid dumb annoying 2020. NO you are not allowed to sit around bored and pissed off on Thanksgiving Day … I AM HERE TO HELP!!

Part of my job on TV is traveling to small businesses and meeting fun, creative people who will deliver ideas on how to live our lives better. AKA – I find geniuses to teach us new lifestyles shortcuts, tricks & tips … 2020 calls them ‘hacks’.

One of my favorite people to visit this time of year is Kellie Hemerley. She’s the brains behind THE SUBURBAN SOAPBOX. https://thesuburbansoapbox.com/

Hey Kellie !!

She likes a homemade taste without spending six years in the kitchen. This year people are keeping the invite list small… she has great ideas on how to stay small & celebrate BIG. Everything she makes just LOOKS fancy.


Another way to keep the party going during a spike in Covid cases (sorry but it’s happening people) is staying outside. It worked for most of us for Halloween. Barb King of Valley Forge Flowers https://valleyforgeflowers.com/says YOU CAN do Turkey Day outside.

One of the coolest things she did was put tiny sterno centerpieces on each of the tables. You know … sterno … the weird cans that keep the buffet food warm … they can keep us warm too. The sterno’s lasted about 90 minutes. So, if you are using them in your backyard make sure you light them right as you guys are sitting down to eat. Barb had handwamers and blankets on the chairs too. If you want to eat outside … I think it will be easier and more fun than you think. GO FOR IT !!

Now, if you are eating inside… you might have fewer people visiting. GOOD NEWS: Smaller invite list – perfect time to boot the crabby, judgy relatives in the mix. Seriously, I hate the tradition judgers. Do not judge how I do ‘me’ Aunt Eloise.

My guy EDDIE ROSS http://eddieross.com/ has some great ideas for ‘ elevating’ the look of that table … changing up the colors that haunt us on Thanksgiving … I’m looking at you drab boring brown.

Eddie says play with the stuff you have in the house aka MAKE IT FUNKY.

Forget the white tablecloth and say yes to color and fun. The blue striped cloth above is a thin throw blanket type deal (sorry Eddie I don’t know the real name) He added faux fresh and preserved flowers and really made it look cool. He always adds a touch of ‘whimsy’ … check out the couple below … they are from Hallmark and they had a place on his Grandmother’s table each each year. HELL YEAH HALLMARK CAN BE VINTAGE.

Bottom line, make your own damn magic… I’ve been doing it for years.

As you likely know by now my parents & my in laws don’t live near us. Years ago our favorite cousins decided to drag their tiny kids to Philly for Thanksgiving.

Tina & I love a Turkey Hat !!

For more than a decade we’ve been a perfectly festive freakin’ cool family of 8 for Turkey Day.

We’ve made our own traditions and the kids have loved every second of it!! Yes to champagne while we cook. No to that weird green bean thing.

Two of the 8 are in College & yet they still want to have a Turkey Day with us. I’m counting that as a positive sign they like the 1/2 ass insanity we’ve provided all these years.

Of course, if you are reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally over it. Please at least ORDER OUT ! There are so many new options this year.

Restaurants like https://www.lecavalierde.com/ need your support now more than ever. Remember, order right from the restaurant… door dash and those other spots take 30 freakin percent. You can order aka carte. Just order desert. Bottom line DO SOMETHING THIS HOLIDAY SEASON. Do it fancy or do it in a damn oversized sweatshirt…

Tell me how it goes … I’d love to hear how you celebrates.

Also…. I would really love for you guys to give my podcast a try. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/americas-best-friend/id1507413065

Tomorrow you will hear a story that is very precious to me. The doctor who delivered my sweet baby girl Landry Jane got Covid-19 in early March. Whatever you think about this whole deal … you will want to listen to give this episode a listen. Due to complications from Covid-19 he may never be able to be the doctor he was … no surgeries etc. He is still awesome in every way … just changed forever and the talk we had was nothing short of awesome. He’s always been so cool … even on the day we met when he admitted I’m kinda annoying … yes we talk about too.


Thanks for reading !!

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7 thoughts on “TIME TO GET THANKFUL

  1. You made me reconsider being alone for Thanksgiving! Will now suggest that my daughter has dinner in her backyard. She has a large deck and yard with two large heaters & a fireplace pit. You also made me consider ordering out which we have done before & we just made some extra sides we all like! Thank You again You are Amazing!! Happy Thanksgiving to You & Yours – Watch you every morning 🦃🦃


  2. You are a trip love you so much you make my day. Hope you and yours have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving


  3. LOVE THIS! (Loved watching your segments this week!)
    LOVE your blog too!
    I will def be tuning in tomorrow- prayers for your Dr❗️
    Keep the blog, the podcast and your fabulous segments coming!


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