Back to work ?? Quit being a faker.

Back to work from vacation?  Yeah, me too. So, today I was met with all kinds of fakers. Suck Up co-workers pretending to be happy to be back from beaches, backyards and booze filled nights. AND THAT’S BULLSHIT!!

  If you know me … you know I love to call it like I see it. I posted a few “BACK TO WORK MEMES” and some of my co-workers & friends called me on it, “aren’t you happy to be back to work?”  NOPE – NOT ONE BIT – I LOVE VACATION!!  They looked at me like I was nuts.


When I’m on vacation I am less worried about driving my kids TO places and more worried about our level of enjoyment wherever the hell we end up.  One day we ended up on a beach with a kite and that was freakin’ awesome.  One night I put my feet up and watched birds fly across the sky.  Tonight I am typing this as the chicken cooks and my kids finish homework.  The smiles I see on my family during vacation make me realize we really need to slow down more often.

Yes, some people have ‘dream jobs’ … there are many days when you could say that I have one. But, I think a REAL dream job would mean at least 12 weeks of vacation each year and the cash to spend that time doing whatever the hell I want to do.  Come on, I know you feel the same way.

So, here’s the plan … why don’t we all stop faking the ‘I’m happy to be back to work” face ??  I say we sit down with our co-workers when we get back and talk about how nice it was to get away and re-connect with this life we are trying so hard to maintain.  I did that today with one of my favorite Boss’s ( whoops there I am kissing ass) and it was nice.  I asked her about her family … she asked about mine.


I also say these vacations do not have be fancy trips to some fancy place to see some fancy people. One of the best days of my trip my friend and I were wrestling a 4 year old in the back of a free beach shuttle.  His parents are my friends so everyone was happy.


Vacation is a time to unwind and talk to each other. My daughter snuggles me each night we are on a trip.


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