Official DAY ONE of OFFICIAL stupid dumb diet idea… today there is some swearing.

Freezing cold DID YOU SEE THE DATE? Literally snowing in Philly in freakin’ April.  I just got back from FL vacay.   Annnnd, I had to be at work at dumb stupid 3:30 am.  TOTAL BS!!!  I had to be in CAPE MAY by 5:45 am during a damn stupid pain in the ass snow storm.



So, I drank a ton of coffee.  Then, I had New England clam chowder at 10 am. It was like lunch time for me… I was in a NJ shore town OK?? Good News: I did not eat the damn homemade awesome looking strawberry shortcake that I found when I arrived back in the newsroom. That’s a major victory for me , OK? I had to catch up on work stuff , so, I stayed at work til 2 pm…  long day yes?

Came home.  Ready for a major nap. Sooooo ready for that nap. Took an 11 minute nap because kid #1 forgot his Lacrosse stick and needed it for practice. So, like a hired hand … I spring into service to the 7th grader. (these kids have phones why can they multi task?)  I BORROWED (stole) A LACROSSE STICK from my friend who is an athletic director at a nearby school.  DROPPED THE STICK AT 7th grade Lacrosse. (kiddo did say thanks so I will allow him to live) NAP NOW? Hell no. Off to Picked up 3rd graders and drop them at gymnastics. Grocery shopped. (It’s like I’m a single Mom but I’m not ) walked FAST while I talked to my buddies WHO WENT TO A PRIVATE GATED HOME IN MEXICO for 30 minutes. (That was my exercise today) Drove 3rd graders back home and ate grilled chicken etc Zoe’s takeout. NOT DONE YET.  Noooooooooooo… Food prepped for Tuesday. SO HELL YEAH I HAD A GLASS OF 🍷 tonight.  Today was an insane day but my fitness pal app says I came in with less than 1200 calories.  I am calling today a win and I am headed to bed.. Hopefully I can sleep for longer than 11 damn stupid minutes. Waking up early sucks … it’s the worst part of my job.

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