It’s 9:15 pm on a Friday …

5 Moms .. we had some drinks, some salad and it was time to pack it in.  At 9:15. On a Friday night.


Helloooooo Villanova College Bar – WE ARE HERE !!  We did not leave there until 11:45 !!  We danced like we were at a wedding. We laughed like we were at a comedy show.  Like an old school Eddie Murphy comedy show.  Have I mentioned that the crew I hang with goes from carline to dirty jokes in a … wait … sometimes we are telling dirty jokes IN CARLINE.



Between lacrosse games and swim team practice my friends THESE INSANE WOMEN find a way to make time for each other.  That is the point of today’s post.  You need to find some friends that make you laugh so hard that your face hurts.  Then, you need to make time for those friends. We are so busy trying to be the perfect Mom… the perfect employee … the perfect wife and sometimes you just need to dance like no one is watching. Say stuff that would get you kicked out of Church. ( or carline)

As for the diet … I am still cruising along.  You saw that I ordered salad at a place known for wings, right?  It’s all about balance. Not giving up and giving in to those wings. I knew I was in that college bar to have some drinks. I had to choose those beers over wings. Can’t have both my friends.  Honestly, what I am finding is that the more I make the right choices when it comes to food, the easier it gets. YES I LOVE FRIES. But, I hate to look at the calories and fat that I see when I eat them or put them in the food log.

Some of my friends have asked if I have learned anything in the short time I have been trying to slim down. The answer is … I think so.  So far, the more I take the time to write down EVERYTHING I am eating the more I care.  I think I’ve mentioned I’m using the app my fitness pal.  My doctor recommended it years ago.  I didn’t listen.  It’s working… guess I have to say thanks to the doctor.

Finally – I have been taking pictures along the way.  That’s helping too.  SEEING what is happening or not happening ( week to week) is an eye-opener.  Have some fun this weekend. DANCE YOUR ASS OFF IF YOU GET THE CHANCE !! ( even in your own kitchen)


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