CHEAP , SCARY & FUN !! That’s the kind of nonsense I like to drag my family into.

A few weeks ago, during Spring Break, we hit the Myakka State Park in Florida. Inside one of the rivers there were dozens of gators.  My Dad, husband and two kids were in there too! Yes, some people were at Disney. No, we are not that type of ‘family’.

Bottom line, this is the time of year for scaring the crap out of yourself and the kids !!  The weather is finally getting nice & no one is on vacation in these cool spots just yet.  State & County Parks have all the gear you need to rent and all the bugs and animals we all need to see.  Yes, I know it’s weird to encourage you guys to seek out gators and bugs. BUT, WHO ELSE IS GOING TO DO IT?? Go check out the sharks, dolphins and red fox too !!  This time last year my crew and our kids were walking and we literally found a horse farm tucked away into a neighbor’s property. INSANE, YES?

Seriously, you can drive just about an hour from any neighborhood and find this stuff.  You have to use common sense , of course, when you are dealing with gators and water sports.  But, even a bike ride through a deer infested field can give you a little thrill.  We all (me included) need to get off of our phones and back into the world around us.  A great challenge can make you feel like you are back in charge of your life.  Forget the Boss. Forget the friend across the street who just got a boob job & a new car.  The world is waiting for all of us to explore.

I do know that for some of you living in the Northeast a weekend trek to Southwest Florida is not exactly easy.  But, I am telling you there is plenty to see and do in your own backyard.  YOU WILL THANK ME IF YOU ACTUALLY GO TRY SOMETHING NEW.  That lady with the boob job will still be sitting around taking selfies.







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