So, as I was watching the ROYAL WEDDING today I was reminded what a ROYAL PAIN IN THE ASS it is to try to look cute.  Last week I primped like it was my ROYAL WEDDING … Diddy, Fergie, Taraji and Ryan Reynolds were in my future and I was determined to look less carpool more …. well, less carpool.  Step one hair and skin. ( see below)


Yes, I went and had a face scrub aka dermawhatever at DEME.  Then, Rosa at Salon Rosa M in Narberth cut in some layers … she later called to see if I was able to do my hair with these new layers.  A sign that she has zero faith in my glam skills.  Next I spray tanned and got some eyelash extensions at CRYOMYST THERAPY LOUNGE in Haverford. My kids asked if I was auditioning for Jersey Shore Grandma division. KIDS – YOU SUCK !!


It was A LOT of primping. The most primping , scrubbing, lotion-ing I have done since … well … it’s been awhile.  Why am I telling you all this ? The point is it takes a ton of work to look “ok” … I have no clue what it takes to deliver “amazing”. Once I was all lotion-ed up I went to NYC to interview a ton of bigshots and attend a few FOX related events.  When  I returned to our Philly newsroom my bosses and friends said I looked cute when I was working with the celebs.  But there is something they have not seen yet…

… working with these celebrities means working 20 hour days. I was on hour 17 when it was time to talk to Diddy and Fergie. What my bosses, friends and Rosa the hair stylist have not seen yet is that at one point I did quit trying to look good.  In the middle of the day I got so sick and tired of looking cute that I just gave up and put my hair in a damn ponytail.  Diddy appears to love the look … AM I RIGHT?


Whatever Diddy, Fergie and I obviously bff’s now.

But, honestly, after I took this picture I felt terrible.  Like all that damn primping was a monster waste of time and money.  I wanted to just put on my jammies and order room service ( truffle fries obvi) and cry.

But, I didn’t.  I went back to my hotel and re-fixed myself up AGAIN.

I got back on track people !!

I can do this !!!


I then took my re-glammed self back out and walked the Red Carpet for the Deadpool 2 premiere.  I re-glammed with some crap I found in the bottom of my purse and the hotel q-tips.  The dress selected by Alisa Frederico ( our station stylist) delivered a boost of confidence too.  I would have never picked this dress. I was worried about wearing it. I thought about NOT wearing it.  I’m not known for wearing sexy shit like this.  At the end of the 20 hours .. 4 outfits later, it was my favorite look of the day. Guess it’s time for me to re-examine my closet. (guess that’s AF is so popular in our newsroom)

The lesson? You (and me) can do this glamazon routine without going to 9 spas to have 14 treatments.  We can do this with the Pantene in the shower and the weird mask we bought last year at Sephora (it’s right there under your sink … I know it is)    Also, I wanted you guys to know that there is no super special hair and make-up team for all the girls you see on TV.  Some do have a squad , but, most of us do not.  We are finding talented help right in our own hood.  So, shave your legs. Seriously, shave them today. Throw on some self tanner and show those girls in carline that you are dead sexy !! You can do this … if I can EVERYONE can.

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