Have a unicorn ? Works wonders !!

So, I think every kid growing up near an ocean needs to explore the water.  Looking for shells, walking on the hot freakin’ OUCH sand, and, yup, surfing !!  My daughter ( Who is growing up an hour away from the NJ shore) did not like the idea of the surfing … so, I forced her to try it !!  ( I’m an asshole Mom that way)

I tried it the easy way. I asked her buddy… seen surfing next to me to and convince her.  Some nice beach lifeguards also tried. But, at the end of the day, I bribed her to try it !! Yes, my friends the promise of a giant unicorn can work some serious magic.


So where did I start? I tried to go it alone as SUPERMOM.  Landry Jane and I walked this huge board out into the surf. A wave came, she went flying, I stepped on an underwater crab and I screamed HOLY SHIT.  My sweet 9 year old was understandably terrified.  I have no pictures of her bawling her eyes out so I give you this cute picture of the “after”

… ohhh you want to how did we got to the surfing success after the nightmare start?


Well, I found the right teacher.  Surfing can be scary. The waves can crush even the strongest, most brave swimmers. Plus, if you are someone’s parent, you likely already know you are ‘not eligible’ to teach that kid a new trick. ( I forgot that part)

Good thing I know a yoga teacher, surfer, nice guy named ANDY MAGNER.  He’s someone’s Dad.  But, not MY kids Dad. Plus, I promised her a giant unicorn.

Andy was (is) awesome.  He not only agreed to drag a giant ( easier to learn on) big board over to our side of the beach and work with my unicorn obsessed – yet – still terrified daughter.  He was calm and kind. As you can see, he talked her right into becoming the cutest 9yo surfer in our family.


I don’t LOVE that I had to bribe her. But, I do LOVE that it worked. Discovering the ocean is a lifelong journey.  Overcoming a fear is something we all need to learn to do.  We can’t walk away from something just because it didn’t go right the first time.  How many times did it take to learn how to ride a bike?

Bribing your kiddos isn’t always the best way … but, sometimes it is the ONLY way.

face your fears

force your kids to do the same

you will thank me

promise …


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