Yup … I am smaller than you think !!


So, the first thing I hear when someone meets me in person for the first time is … YOU’RE SOOOOOOOOOOOO TINY !! Well, I don’t feel tiny.  I feel loud. I feel obnoxious. I feel old, tired, less stylish, less sophisticated than most of my peers and friends.  But, being tiny has never worried me. Never impacted me. Nope, not even when my favorite interns are looking down on me like …………..


I do think size matters. I can’t reach the shit in my kitchen that I need. I might have asked you to get something for me at the grocery store.  But, in terms of height … it has never impacted me in the confidence department.  Here’s the crazy thing … I think being smaller than most adults makes me more adventurous.  I’m not afraid to jump on top of stuff.  Yes, typically I ask permission first!!



It’s a no brainer that I am shorter than some of your favorite basketball players.  These guys have back problems because of years of trying to fold themselves into the seats in airplanes.  Plus. aren’t you SUPPOSED TO BE TALL to play basketball??




Bottom line, commenting my height has always puzzled me. And ladies and gents, here’s the craziest part of it all.  My daughter? She is going to be VERY TALL.

People are already telling me “don’t let her play basketball because she will be labeled as a tall girl”  WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THAT ?? Does it look like my sweet but tall Landry Jane is sad because she is taller than her adorable awesome pal Marley ?? I was stunned when someone first said that it was ” too bad” she was ” soooooooooo tall”


With all of the real issues I could have with a kiddo. (born with one arm etc) I am NOT going to apologize for having a “tall girl” in the family !!  Here’s today’s message … height does not matter.

As I have said before… kindness matters.  Do you have wine in the fridge ?? THAT IS AN ISSUE THAT MATTERS TO ME !! Here’s to the tall girls and the tiny.  Let’s kiss the big guys and the smaller ones. Cheers to all of us … big – small and somewhere in between !!



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