Yo grown-up – what are you afraid of??

I’d love to tell you that I am this fearless, fun adventure girl.  But, you don’t want to hear the bullshit… right?  When it comes to travel, I typically do say yes.  But, I always follow the rules, go by someone else’s plan.  At a minimum I read a ton of books and make sure I have every second planned out. Last week that changed. I got adventurous in of all places, NEW FREAKIN’ ZEALAND !!


I was there for a 20TH CENTURY FOX work trip.  I got to go to the place where LORD OF THE RINGS was filmed and do my own work.  Yes kids this carpool loving, working for the weekend Mom filmed an action scene for an upcoming movie.  I put on the ‘ motion capture’ suit and delivered my best CYBORG.  The good people of Philadelphia will get to see that treat in the next few weeks. PREVIEW: I KILLED IT !!



Back to the adventure.  I flew in early and made my owns plans in a world that is 18 hours and a whole damn day ahead of us.  It was scary at times but very cool.  I wanted to see NEW ZEALAND the way I wanted to see it!!   I wanted to explore, see the nature and meet the people.  The nature was cool. Very JURASIC PARK meets San Francisco and Ireland.

The people were even better. They are happy and they love us! They love the life they are living in a world that is miles and miles away from Disneyland and New York City. I think they love NEW FREAKIN ZEALAND because it is all theirs… no one is judging how they live or why.  They don’t care that it’s windy there all the time. SO DAMN WINDY. They don’t care that most Americans will never visit. They love their country and again … they love us !!img_8439

Now, due to my time constraints (I did leave behind two kids & a husband who was draining our bank accounts getting daily deliveries from restaurants instead of pizza shops) I was not able to have a month or two ” Eat Pray Love” type of deal.

What I did was arrive a day earlier than my colleagues and hit the eco tour and downtown areas of Wellington, NZ. I learned that they have a spot called Zealandia which is basically a walled off area where scientists are trying to re-capture the way NZ looked 500 years ago.  No mammals, no snakes and no kangaroos or goats. Lizards, bugs and birds are the priority and you have to make sure you are NOT bringing any critters in on your way inside Zealandia.  They check your bags and make you go through several gates and doors … I told you there were some Jurassic type details. img_8299

I also learned that Kiwi’s ( that’s what they call themselves) like to jump off of any kind of sidewalk or construction bin connected to water.  It’s amazing and fearless like them.

This is their summer after all.  You should know that I was in Wellington for most of my stay and it was perfect. Small town with a big city vibe with all the lamb & Rugby anyone could ask for. 


More on my new buddies. They love beer and wine ( Sauvignon Blanc)  and they DO NOT CARE if the wind is blowing their hair all over the place.  On the way to work. On the way to parties, their hair and mine was blowing all over the place and guess what? It’s totally fine !!  ( I do wonder what happens on their wedding days…)

My final wild and crazy move happened on my way home.  I had a 6 hour layover in the Northern city of Auckland.   Typically I would sit my ass in a terminal reading all the US Weekly & People I could find in an attempt to make sure I didn’t miss a flight.  This time I said NO WAY!

I stored my luggage and hit the streets of Auckland without a single plan.  I shopped a few streets and then did ‘another something’ I never do.  I took myself to lunch.  No kids, no friends, no one but me.  I left the drink choice up to the bartender and had an amazing hour to myself in a town where I had zero responsibility.   It was magic.


I promised zero bullshit, so, here you go.  I was super scared at times that I was going to be driven someplace and left for dead with zero cell signal.  My Uber driver did take me thru a tunnel that was 20 minutes long and again I was a bit anxious.  But, it all worked out and I have these memories that are amazing.  Sure I have shared them with you guys, but , really they are all mine in my tiny little brain… I own this trip in a way I have not owned a memory in a long time.


ps. Want to see some cool video from the trip ??

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Yo grown-up – what are you afraid of??

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