Mom Hair is the damn worst …

It’s OSCAR DAY and I have a confession to make.  On the days where I have met Bradley, Liam and other potential boyfriends … my hair has really sucked.  It’s like I’m walking a giant billboard right at them … LOOKOUT – A MOM IS HEADED YOUR WAY. Embarrrrrrasing.

Sometimes it’s hot out.  Other times I have to go interview someone ( Bradley Cooper) in between Momtaxi runs and I didn’t want to look like a Momslut all dolled for lacrosse practice.  Bottom line, it has to stop.

I have an amazing hair dresser and I do honestly try to look less 1980’s Mom… more Heidi Klum, Jessica Alba Mom.  “Sure I have kids but I am also super hot.”  Haaahaha …   What I am learning is this… just like a successful diet or other life change the un-Mom-ing of your hair will take some time and effort. I started by trying to grow out my Mombangs…

I have also been taking pictures of the daily disasters and sending them to my hairsylist Rosa.  She always sends an encouraging text back, but, I am sure she too has been frustrated. Rosa must be thinking “seriously she decided to go with a ponytail when she talked to Fergie & Diddy?”

Each time I get my hair cut or colored I ask her for one piece of advice.  I have super fine flat hair so I have used every mousse, spray and goo on the market.  I have all also tried velco rollers, curling irons and massive amounts of cheap stiff hairspray.  The lovely Harry Josh & Ted Gibson ( big shot celebrity hairstylists) say that the ‘stiffer than The Queen’ hairspray look is a dead giveaway for Mom hair … DAMN YOU I LOVE THAT SPRAY. So, I have definitely been trying to use less.  I am also using hair extensions.  Tiny pieces of extra hair glued into a few strategic spots. I believe the curly frizzy hair girls get all of the attention in the product department… so the hair pieces have really worked well for me.  Teresa Guidice uses them … why can’t you ??

So… I know you are wishing you had your own Rosa yes?  Well, part of the reason for this post is to tell you that I shot a video with a few of her tips the last time I was there.  It’s up on my YOUTUBE page so you should really check it out…


Happy OSCARS DAY. Here’s hoping you guys have the sexiest nonMom hair in carline next week.  And… here’s to Rosa … therapist, hairqueen, Jlo look-a-like !! ( yup, she’s a Mom too dammit)







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