Guess who I’m pissed off at today ?

Happy Whatever day you are reading this.  TODAY I have decided that I am pissed off at … PARENTS WHO REFUSE TO BE EMBARRASSING. What the what ? YOU HEARD ME. There are parents who are fine to attend all of the soccer games and school picnics but they are well dressed, quiet and on time. WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT ??

  This whole deal started the other night at my daughter’s 4th grade social.

SIDENOTE: There are no pictures of me because I was wearing a WAWA sweatshirt with a mustard stain on it…


On the 2nd to the last song, the DJ says, ” kids grab the grown-up who brought you here and dance”  First it was a slow dance. My daughter and I did some nice cheerleading/icescapades moves. Then it was SHAKE WHAT THE GOOD LAWD GAVE YA type dance.  My insane Mom Crew busted it out like it was midnight in South Beach (at least that’s what it felt like… not slutty just awesome moves)

As we were leaving a girl asked her Mom why she wasn’t dancing.  The Mom said ” I didn’t want to embarrass you.” WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT THE SHIT IS THAT ?

One of my greatest joys as Mom is embarrassing my kids. Social Media means I don’t even have to embarassing in person. ( see below) I have more dumb pictures ,but, that is not what this post is about. Plus I can’t find the one of me showing up at school in a shark costume.


Honestly, I don’t want to make my kids feel bad (ok sometimes) I want them to know that it’s ok to be weird and awesome.  That’s what makes the world fun. Apologies to librarians and accountants but following the rules and cleaning your room are sometimes required but not mandatory moves all the damn time. Plus, DANCING is part of the joy of life. In a grocery store … at a 4th grade DANCE PARTY .. even at a fancy gala where your boss is watching you screw up your MC duties ( hey Mare/ below) dancing is fun !! NOT EMBARRASSING.


Doing something embarrassing can also take the edge off a sad situation. I’ve definitely done some embarassing stuff when I didn’t know what to say at a funeral, the hospital ( yesterday) or when someone gave me bad news. People have told me the ridiculous, embarassing shit I do on TV helps them get through some awful times.

Also, when you are willing to occasionally take a risk, it makes it easier to try new grown-up stuff.  Just last week I was asked to play tennis in a cage when it was 32 degrees out at 8pm on a Tuesday. ( it’s called paddle tennis but it felt like prison tennis in that cage) My partner bought me a matching outfit and we showed up like weird winter twins. POTENTIALLY EMBARRASSING YES? I was thinking we were going to be like Reese Witherspoon in the bunny suit in …. LEGALLY BLONDE. ( I knew you knew)


But, as you can see. we rocked it !!  It was so fun to try something new. The AWESOME MATCHING OUTFITS let everyone know we were there for fun. We were not there to be ultra competitive in prison tennis. (we did win many prison matches however)

Bottom line – if you are not willing to be embarrassing I feel sorry for you. More importantly your kids. Perfect is boring. Bold is beautiful.  (ACCORDING TO ME)




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