It’s ok to let the kids break the rules !!

Kill me, sue me, hate me, judge me , but, I think it’s OK to let the kids (mine included) break the rules here and there.  Remember we are raising these little people in a world that is so monitored and scheduled that if something goes wrong everyone loses their minds.

We have a rule, like most families, about eating on the couch. The rule is we don’t do it.  But, this morning it looks like someone does not give a shit about that rule.  Also, my sweet lady found saltines.  Like the least healthy, most messy thing to eat on a couch. img_0478

But, she is READING !! So, I will not say a word.  She knows I know she’s busted.  I do feel if we let our kids bend some rules sometimes they will know a little bit more about navigating life. Sometimes a broken rule can lead to a nice ending.


Beer is not typically allowed at a tennis lesson.  Bottles are rarely allowed on a tennis court. But, when I thought I had broken my hand there was an ice cold bottle of beer waiting to soothe me. I MIGHT HAVE DIED without that beer.


I didn’t drink it ( sadly) because I had to run kids to sports practices.  That’s a rule that we must follow.  Kids need to know the difference between the real rules and the bullshit.  I can always clean up glass on a tennis court.  Driving under the influence is not something anyone can ‘fix’.

Finally, my kiddos are growing up, so I am letting them spread their wings a bit ( cue the tears here)   My son asked two buddies to the Meek Mill concert.  As you can see they were close enough to see the stage but they were in a safe spot.


Before the concert and during the opening acts I did allow this crew to hang in the ‘pit’ I allowed them to feel like they were all alone in a world of hip hop and bad decisions.  As you can see … they were not. I was right freakin there … well close to there.


We had a great time and everyone is happy. BUT, THEY DID HEAR BAD WORDS AND SEE PEOPLE USING .. well, who knows.  The point is they were exposed to an adult environment and they were polite and nice.  They knew this was NOT THE TIME to break the rules.  They knew that they were being treated to a special night because I trust them.

Sure the boys asked to go here and there … sometimes I said yes other times I said no.  Bottom line, these over scheduled kids need room to play, grow and yes they need opportunities to screw up.


Here’s to me – answering my door in the pj’s and scaring the shit out the neighbors. ( a bad decision I make way too often)

Have a great weekend everyone … don’t get into too much trouble.

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