Cheap fun ski vacation? YES PLEASE !

So, you say you want to ski or snowboard for a few days, but, you don’t want to go broke? SAME HERE KIDDO !! I have a few ideas for you…

Let’s start with an idea for Christmas & New Year’s week.  I researched the hell out of every damn resort in the West. Breckenridge is about as cheap as you can get , but, it’s still thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of dollars at a minimum.

Skiing is rarely cheap!

Just last week our crew ( 3 families) went to LAKE PLACID and I have to say it was one of the best family ski vacations I have experienced. SERIOUSLY !!


We stayed in the town of LAKE PLACID and skied at WHITEFACE   It was hands down my best EAST COAST skiing… ever !!

Overall a great resort. Plenty of  spots for beginners and tons of steep areas for the rest of us.  Food and drinks everywhere and it did not seem crowded despite the holiday week.

img_9813   One of the days we were in Lake Placid it rained all day.  WE DID NOT SKI THAT DAY.  I was beyond nervous that the hill would be a virtual ice skating rink the next day. You have heard what they say… WHITEFACE = ICEFACE.  Au Contraire my friends… it was awesome. I have no freakin’ clue what the groomers did to fix the hill but they should get a big fat raise. The conditions were mid-winter like and the ice was nowhere to be found.  The customer service there is great.  Prices are reasonable. I am sold on Whiteface.



Now, you might be asking what did you do when you were not skiing? We went ice skating… on a lake … a lake we walked to from our hotel room.  We walked out from the room onto the lake. The GOLDEN ARROW LAKESIDE RESORT is right there on Mirror Lake. Our hotel room was on the ground floor. My kids are not the best skaters so I was a bit nervous.

But, they did great !! They/ we rented the skates from a local sport just two doors down from the hotel. The crew at the THE LOCKER ROOM couldn’t have made the process any easier.  The owner aka THE SKATE KING helped the kids figure out what size skates they needed and away they went.  You can do hourly or daily… it was seriously great.

My kids skated day and night… no ipads while you skate !!  It was one of the best parts of the trip.  Just hopping on a lake to skate – who can do that ?? We also hit the Olympic Ice Skating rink to see real Olympic skaters … Kurt Browing ring a bell??


We also found an amazing mini hike for a day when it was nice , but, we needed a break from the skiing and snowboarding. Of course I forgot the name of this spot but just ask the people when you get there. Several people recommended this and other hikes.

Don’t let the ice scare you. The team here (wherever it is) fits you with stretchy spiky things that go on the bottom of your shoes. NO SLIPPING ON THIS WALKABOUT.

Candidly, it’s not so much of a hike, but, a walk with a free smore’s / marshmallow roasting station at the end.  Yes, even the teenagers liked roasting marshmallows at the end of the walk.

The food was good wherever we went.  The town was busy, but, we were still able to get a reservation for 10 or more people every night… we didn’t even plan ahead!!

Lake Placid is definitely a spot I would consider if you live anywhere on the East Coast.


Oh… you wanted a day trip idea ??  Do you follow me on Instagram !! JENN’S INSTAGRAM   If so, you would know I love MONTAGE MOUNTAIN  Great trails and tons of local inexpensive hotels to stay overnight !!  THEY ALSO HAVE A GREAT LODGE !!

If you are a never ever skier … I would HIGHLY SUGGEST BIG SNOW AMERICAN DREAM

It’s in the Meadowlands … in a freakin’ mall. For $49 you get … WAIT FOR IT


Ski or Snowboard Equipment Rental , Outerwear (Pants and Jacket and even gloves if you need them) a Helmet, 2-hour lift ticket & free lessons !!

I went for a story with low expectations.  My cameraguy HI JARED and I were beyond impressed.  Believe me, after 2 hours you will be wiped out.

BOTTOM LINE – YOU HAVE ZERO EXCUSES unless you live in Tampa or Miami … this is your year to try skiing or snowboarding!!


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