Philly knows sexy …

One week ago the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super bowl.  They did it with a QB who is represented by Philly agents ( bet ya didn’t know that) a Coach who could not win in Philly and the sexier Kelce brother … or did they ??


We have Jason… they have Travis.  Travis is a way sexier name right??

Travis wears high end suits complete with skinny pants and expensive sunnies.  Jason sometimes brushes his wild ass hair… sometimes he does not.


Jason Kelce is the most Philly thing we have!!  And that my friends so so so damn sexy.  One week before Valentine’s Day guys everywhere are scrambling to find a special gift… come up with a special date night adventure and the truth is THE SEXIEST THING YOU CAN DO IS BE YOURSELF !!

We always loved Jason , but, we realllllllllllly fell hard when he delivered the best Super bowl Parade speech of all time.  He delivered this great speech in a Mummer’s Costume. Complete with it’s own version of skinny pant.


So, this week the pressure was all on Travis.  I kind of felt sorry for the ‘other’ Kelce.  He had to come up with an iconic outfit… he had to feel the soul of Kansas City… some people don’t even know what state that is in… C’MON I HAD TO !!

And he did make a great effort.  He started with an $18,000 Louis Vuitton coat.


He accessorized it with a wrestling belt. Nice touch.  His words were beer soaked and authentic. But, were they sexy enough to edge out our Kelce?? Nahhhh…


Great job … but it needed more “Kelce”

Truth be told … I have been rooting for and loving Jason for a long time. In a weird twist of events I tore my ACL 10 days before he tore his. We both used the same doctor for surgery so during that time and occasionally after we would see each other.

We were interacting during one of the worst parts of a football player’s career. The part where he can’t play.  What I saw then is what you guys are all seeing now. A guy that was totally pissed and sad that he was injured.  A guy that was going to work hard to get better while keeping a smile on that crazy face.  He inspired me to do the same.


I missed work and had to juggle kids and more around my injury.  He had to re-hab not knowing if he would be strong enough to play again.  When I returned to work post injury I got a front door parking spot and plenty of love.


When he returned to work I am sure he had to fight to prove that he was worthy of his position.  So, for me , watching him speak about the journey to the Super bowl meant a little more.  I knew how far he had come.

When is see him here and there he is still pure Kelce. The last time I saw him he was golfing in a charity event.


He was all smiles.  There was a woman in his foursome who was struggling to hit the ball, I think she was nervous.  I took her club and hit it for her.  It took the edge off… and Jason laughed and said thanks.  He was rooting for her just like we always root for him.

That is so damn sexy… Jason Kelce is Philly because he knows how it feels to be ‘the other brother’.  Philly will never be NYC or LA and that is not just ok, it’s pretty sexy.  We can just lay back and chill and wait for those other towns to catch up.

But if guys like Jason Kelce keeps moving in and sticking around they won’t have a chance.  Philly knows sexy…

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