Trouble finding a backyard toy ?? I can help !!

We have done hard time during this Covid Quarantine.  We have been asked to stay at home.  Stay away from playgrounds and airplanes , talk to our families and watch the news.  We were guaranteed one luxury … DELIVERY ANYTHING ! So how come you cannot order a hot tub, trampoline or blow-up pool for less than $3,000 and 10 weeks of shipping ?? The answer is YOU CAN if you know where to look.


This is the type of pool I think we would all love.

 This is NOT the type of pool you can order from AMAZON.

But, there WERE nice, big pools that just months ago were reasonable to order on AMAZON or WAYFAIR. When you ordered them they came in less than 2 weeks. In the early weeks of Quarantine my fancy friend ordered one and she reluctantly set it up on her patio… her kids are in love … with the pool… not Mom.


But, now due to freakin’ insane demand you cannot get your ‘Prime” on when it come to backyard toys. They items are overpriced and the delivery dates are beyond Halloween.  However… there are plenty of sites that are willing to step in and deliver the blowup of your dreams… and deliver it NOW.


I initially ordered a hot tub form some a site called Garage Dept.  They charged my card and never sent the inflatable hot tub I ordered.  They did give me a credit … but, my family had already waited like 2 weeks.  Yes, we are spoiled by AMAZON PRIME.   Then, I saw someone talking about COMSTROM.COM  They have all kinds of stuff…



When I ordered from them … I did call and MAKE SURE the items was in stock.  Within 10 days I was looking at a box that contained my ammmmmmmmmazing ‘ soft sided’ hot tub. ( I think that sounds fancier than blow up hot tub)  I was so in love I wanted to give my fancy tub the fancy surrounding it deserved.  Then, the husband spoke up.  He says fancy or not the new toy needed a flat spot in the yard. BUT WE DIDN’T HAVE ONE !!  So, I was stuck.. or so I thought.

Around here… if someone makes a suggestion … THEY ARE IN CHARGE OF MAKING IT HAPPEN. So, Captain Handy Man… aka the mouthy husband, got to work and built the craziest mini deck you have ever seen. ( I just think he wanted alone time)

Cool yes ??  But, not exactly fancy.  I was thinking I needed this whole area to be more … LA ROOFTOP … less Jenn’s backyard.  My vision was really elevated ( see that fancy designer word I am using)

The problem is that I had already blown my Quarantine budget on pricey takeout and a ‘softsided’ hot tub.  I search a ton of sites and local stores.  At the end of the day I talked to my outdoor Queen … BARB KING. She has a gorgeous store, VALLEY FORGE FLOWERS in Wayne, PA and a line of products on QVC  ( she’s a very big deal…)

She installs all kinds of décor at weddings and other events.  She had outdoor friendly boxwood for sale. BOOM – I WAS BACK IN BUSINESS…

I added some turf for the patio and it is now looking pretty cool. Yes, that’s a movie screen so now the kids never have to leave home…


I don’t love the cushions so much … but, with the other stuff up I am not paying too much attention to that.  Bottom line, you too can TOTALLY do this.  It’s easy and affordable.  You do have to do a bit of internet searching, but, we still have a ton of time on our hands yes??   I SAY MAKE IT HAPPEN.

This week in the Northeast it supposed to be warm with low humidity.  The result of my backyard project is this … we are enjoying our house. We have already enjoyed having friends over for ‘ socially distanced’ cocktails and fun.  It has been great connecting with neighbors that we have just been too busy to hang out with in years past…

That’s right, I will admit it, the kids lacrosse, ballet and more has in a way handicapped some of my relationships.  That has totally changed. On Friday… the neighbors asked me to hop a boat.   I went wake surfing on the river near my home and then I invited the boys on the boat back for beers and snacks.  It was like I was living on lake in my 20’s.   This backyard has really changed my summer already.



As you might have heard… I have a PODCAST.

On Monday you will hear from THE HOLLYWOOD HAIR GUY

The request is … please go download my PODCAST

I have known Dean for many many mannnnnnnnny years… he does the hair for all the shows like AMERICAN IDOL, AGT AND MORE.  Simon Cowell has been his client for 18 and he is sharing some cool stuff about him, Heidi Klum and more.






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2 thoughts on “Trouble finding a backyard toy ?? I can help !!

  1. I wish I had a backyard. I live in the city have a small patio. So I have to live vicariously thru you.


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