On this day… I choose love. Bj

On this year 2020 Mother’s Day, I choose love.  I have healthy inmates ( my kids) and a guy who is willing plant flowers in the places I choose .. my husband.  There are Moms our there who do not

have that simple luxury.

My stomach has been in knots this week. It always is when a black son is shot and killed.  I am truly hoping that you can read these words with the love I am intending on sending here.  Any son or daughter that is shot and killed is a tragedy. White, black, young or old… no one wants a child to be shot and killed.  EVER

When I received a text from a black friend that read…  ” Thank you for posting about the video. It truly means a lot xo”  I knew I had to say more.  She was talking about Ahmaud Arbery, I posted a meme that said YOU KNOW THEY DIDN’T MAKE ARRESTS BECAUSE THEY SAW THE VIDEO, THEY MADE ARRESTS BECAUSE WE SAW THE VIDEO.  So, here it is.

As a white Mom with a white Son, I have never had to say to Brody “walk carefully in a WAWA and look everyone in the eye so they do not accuse you of something you did not do.”  My friends who have black sons have had to give versions of that advice to their sons.  I understand why , but, I am always sad they have to do so.

When I received the text from my friend I realized two things.  One, I actually have a ton of  really close black friends. Two, maybe I am not speaking up enough for those friends.

SO HERE IT GOES… it is not OK to ignore racism. It is not OK to say things like ” we don’t know the whole story”  It is not OK to be OK with the fact that white men are shooting black sons who are jogging through a white neighborhood.

On this Mother’s Day, I choose love. I think I have encouraged both of my kids to love all of their friends… to protect all of their friends.  In non-Covid times I love hugging and laughing with my friends. On this Mother’s Day, I am more committed than ever to being louder and stronger with my feelings about this.  It is not OK that a Mom is not able to have Mother’s Day breakfast with her son because he was black.

I will do more.

I promise to say more.

Because, I love my friends … all of them.img_5446

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8 thoughts on “On this day… I choose love. Bj

  1. Jenn,

    Thank you for this Mother’s Day thought. Yes, we should all be kind to one another everyday.


  2. I don’t understand how anyone could or would think you were someone who would have hate in her heart. I have never seen it in all of the years I have been watching you on the show.
    You are a strong, funny, loving person that has never said anything that should be a reason for you to be fired.

    I don’t agree with all points of view, and I don’t believe anyone should, However you should have the right to say it.

    Open forum and intelligent discussion are necessary to open up dialogue and possibly create change for the betterment of all of us.

    Stay strong in your beliefs and know there are people out there that understand. I don’t have children, but I have friends of all nationalities. At the end of the day, it has nothing to do with the color of your skin, or your race, but the content of your character. And yes, I know I quoted MLK (not exactly) but I hope the point was received well.

    With love. xoxoxo


  3. Thank You for not being afraid of the backlash of those who can’t see past their own white privilege. Those who, just because they don’t have to tell their sons who aren’t doing anything wrong, how to act going into a wawa because of the color of their skin, believe it doesn’t exist for anyone. Thank you for recognizing it, and using your public voice to speak on it. Thank you, thank you.


  4. Jenn, thank you. No it is not OK that her son is gone. I am a mommom of a biracial grandson and worry constantly. Its a different fear than i have for my white son. I need to speak up more as well. Thank you for sharing this ❤️❤️❤️


  5. Some would give anything to have what you have. It’s rough sometimes trying to as they say keep all the balls in the air: but the times that it happens is magic. Makes you forget the other times.


  6. HI Jenn
    I am repeating my reply to you because I did not put my name on My first reply.
    I liked your Mother’s Day thought. As you said, we SHOULD ALL BE KIND to one another


  7. HI Jenn
    I liked your Mother’s Day thought. As you said, we SHOULD ALL BE KIND to one another EVERY DAY.
    And ALWAYS.


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