Nice is not boring …

So, here in the Philly area it’s a wet soggy crappy morning.  It’s Memorial Day weekend and all we want is some ‘friggin’ sun’ … it’s kind of like friendship.

I want a nice, fun, smiling supportive group of buddies. Not a crew of high maintenance diva back stabbers.  I crave nice girls in my personal life because my work environment is not always “girl friendly”.  A TV newsroom can be like a beauty salon mixed with middle school.  Everyone is so unsure of themselves and yet they want to be the most popular, the smartest and, of course, the prettiest. (even the men)  There are anchor women who will tear you apart just tossing to the weather guy when it was “their turn”  I have tons of terrible “girl on girl” stories of how female co-workers tried to destroy me and my reputation.  But, today I want to deliver a ray of light ladies.

Years ago SHEINELLE JONES and I were hearing about a third woman talking about us and some of the other women in the newsroom.  Sheinelle is one of the nicest and most candid women I know.  I looked at her in the make-up room and I said how about we try “no girl on girl crime”?  I said if enough of us think it’s cool to be nice to each other … the one or two mean girls will have to see it and try to be nicer… right?  I don’t throw it out there a lot because it can be hard to explain.  But I was recently talking to women who star in the movie “OCEANS 8”     img_1788

I said ” YOU GIRLS TOTALLY HAD EACH OTHERS BACKS IN THIS MOVIE… LOOKS LIKE THERE WAS NO ‘GIRL ON GIRL CRIME’  The women you see pictured above … Sandra Bullock , Mindy Kailing and Sarah Paulson  instantly got it !!  Sandra said, ” that should be a t-shirt”

It’s not always easy to be nice.  There are days when even my closest friends piss me off. But, on those days, I use a direct approach and a sprinkle of kindness. Hey, your pictures on FACEBOOK looked so nice, I wish I was invited to that party … blah blah blah  Sheinelle and I were soooo straight with each other that I could say, ” I am so jealous that you get to do such and such … but make sure you wear this dress”  I was willing to admit that I was jealous , but, instead of destroying her opportunity I was also willing to help her make the best of it.  When I see her looking fierce on THE TODAY SHOW I tell her.  When Kathy Orr ( our FOX 29 weather anchor) looks great … I send her a text during the 6pm news.  Sue Serio has a great outfit on ? She gets a text too !!

As women it is our responsibility to help each other … being nice is not boring !  It can be so damn fun to see your friends win.  I love women who are getting attention for the positive cool stuff they are doing.  I do like when my friends say nice things to me.  I also like it when they are willing to show me where I have made mistakes.

It’s easier than you think … and , by the way, our sons and daughters are watching.  It’s one thing to say ” be nice”  It’s quite another to set a regular example.  Remember, NICE IS NOT BORING.  Ride the roller coasters … just wait your turn… be nice even during the craziest days.

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