Sounded too good to be true … amazing expensive designer dresses, rompers, shirts and yes activewear is sent to me at home.  I don’t wash it , iron it … wait,  I don’t even have to hang the clothes up in my closet? All this without busting my budget? Yup, I decided to check out RENT THE RUNWAY for myself.


So yeah, you wear it , wear it twice if you want, and then return it.  EVEN THE PRICEY STUFF !!   You don’t need to wash or iron the clothes.  Once you are done, you grab the gorgeous clothes off of the floor and shove them in a bag and say adios !! 

The first week of December I received a coupon for a free month.  A free month of RENT THE RUNWAY unlimited !!


For work, it was great. I had new tops and dresses to wear each day.  You get 4 pieces at a time. Return one, return all four, it does not matter.  When the item or items are returned, you get to pick another one to put in it’s place. I have to say they really have it all figured out !!

I live outside of Philly so the typical turnaround time was 3 days. Return the item or items one day. You get a notice they received your package and you pick something new on your phone on day 2. Day 3 you have a new delivery at your door. My daughter loved picking which dress would be the winner for each event.  I would order a few styles and decide that night how I was feeling. That part was really cool.  It felt like I had a boutique in my closet each weekend.

I liked it for regular at home stuff too. December is a time where everyone is having a party. I would order fancy clothes and everyday items for my home life all on the same day.

For the holidays, or, if your daughter is going to multiple proms, even for ‘gala season’ , I think RENT THE RUNWAY is a no brainer.  Genius option !! You can pick from several dresses at once. Return the dress you don’t love and order more until you find a dress or an outfit you are obsessed with !!  See all those dresses I am wearing down there ? Yup, they are RENT THE RUNWAY ladies.


I also think it’s a great idea if you are in between sizes. I’m currently on a diet and I love that I don’t have to commit to those ‘I’m not quite there’ sizes.  Same goes for the ‘when will the weather change’ seasons. Most of the year the unlimited option is between $100 and $156 a month.  Again, you would pay twice that for one Prom dress , so, if your girl is headed to more than one in a month. UNLIMITED RENT THE RUNWAY is the way to go. The RTR sweatshirt right here was awesome for all of the that ‘ in between’ stuff.


But, now it is Spring.  So, I just cancelled my subscription.  I wear a ton of tops and shorts to work. For me, $159 buys a ton of stuff at TARGET, OLD NAVY, ZARA OR … TARGET !!  The cancellation was quick and easy. Sure the lady asked WHY I was cancelling and I told her… $159 at TARGET buys my whole family new summer stuff.  She was very cool about it.  You can also pause it for several months at a time.  Which, might work for you.  Bottom line, I get why this company is worth a BILLION dollars. They have the kinks worked out and the clothes are great. ( So now I’m a bit bummed that I have to go back to shopping my own closet )

Here’s to cheap sweatshirts and last years shorts. Plus, some so new TARGET FINDS that are waiting for us !! Happy “almost Spring Break” season ya’all !!



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