SMASHVILLE. Sure, why not ??

They are calling it SMASHVILLE, NASHVEGAS and The Bachelorette Capital of the world … but does that mean the twerking 20 somethings have ruined Nashville for the rest of us hot chicken lovers? Hell nah…   My crew of “post 30 year old” married Moms hit Nashville and we had a great time. We were a little more rowdy then a typical carline filled week at home, but, we managed to go and get home without any tattoos or new boyfriends…


The thing about a girls trip post kids is that everyone wants to see something new and not worry about a huge itinerary. Yes, shopping. No, BIG BEN and Parliament. I would say Nashville is a perfect spot. You should know that it really really RRRRREALLY is the “Bachelorette Capital of the World” especially in wedding season.  They are all focused on themselves (as they should be) so it’s super fun to watch them go nuts in a non-Spring Break location.  Well done ladies !!

Tons of people have asked me about my trip… everyone is a little curious about Nashville, so, here you go !!

We stayed at JW Marriott Nashville and it was awesome.  Perfect location, the staff is amazing and it has an awesome outdoor pool complete with a bar. Rooms were perfect.  They have coffee and a gym. What else do you need?

Day One we did a “hop on hop off” tour of the major sites.  I don’t think I would do that again.  The sites were all so damn close you could walk to them easily. If you want to check out VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY that’s an easy UBER or walk from most downtown hotels.  The THE RYMAN AUDITORIUM ?? The other famous Nashville spots ?? They are all super close to each other and if you want to go in you will need a ticket which is typically an extra cost beyond the trolley fee. The Grande Ole Opry was not on the tour so that too would be an extra cost.img_2573

Annnnnnnnnnd Nashvegas has a strong automated scooter scene. WHAT THE SHIT IS THAT you say ??  They have them in DC and in other tourist towns. It’s so damn easy & fun I predict they will be illegal soon.  Which sucks because… did I mention they are amazing.  Great way to see the City without sweating or sitting in a bus.img_2584



You download an app and then you hop on a scooter.  Any scooter, anywhere, at any time. You pay in that app.  I would recommend downloading a few apps so that you can hop on any scooter you might see. They are scattered all around town.  I sound like a travel pro, but, we actually got that tip from our bartender over drinks and HOT CHICKEN.  (A Nashville must do ) We downloaded the LIME SCOOTER app and a few more. Your UBER and LYFT accounts work too.  You simply pick one up, scan the thing on the handlebars and off you go. It’s super fun and your scooter can take you to the neighborhoods that scatter the Nashville border.  Places like THE GULTCH


We found our NASHVILLE HOT CHICKEN at PARTY FOWL in the Gultch Section.  The famous spot is Hattie B’s but the line was 14 hours long and we were only in Smashville for a weekend.  I would say order the HOT CHICKEN … get the hotter sauces on the side and go nuts. Party Fowl is also known for their boozy smoothies so try one of those too.  Then get back on the scooter and do some shopping.


Tons of cute shops and places to eat. This is neighborhood where the mural of the Nashville Angel Wings is… you’ve seen that everyone loves to put it Instagram.img_2905

You could do this in a morning or an afternoon.  It’s not Park Avenue afterall.There is also an area in Nashville called 12 SOUTH


12 SOUTH is the place where you can find Reese Witherspoon’s adorable clothing store… DRAPER JAMES


Great clothes, cute gifts, it’s everything you want from our Reese. If you make it to 12 SOUTH the restaurant BAR TACO is a must. You will likely wait for at least an hour , but, they have zero problem if you want to put your name in a shop the ‘hood. There is tons of shopping in 12 South.


The place is gorgeous… no, not just the shops.  I am talking about BAR TACO !! It’s literally the cutest coolest taco place I’ve been in. Turns out they have a few spots around the country. They even have one in my KING OF PRUSSIA mall !!

Food is insane. Staff is so nice you wonder if they once worked on a Disney Cruise.  We realllllllllllllly loved BAR TACO.

There is another great neighborhood you should check out called EAST NASHVILLE

I’d love to share pictures from there but… the afternoon tequila got in the way so I don’t look my best ( a lil tipsy that night folks … but, I was in Smashville)

Bottom line,  there is a lot to see even if you aren’t there on a BACHELORETTE PARTY weekend. The music scene is all along Broadway… the BBQ too. You know all about that scene I am sure.

What we liked most was the chance to get lost in the neighborhoods beyond the Honky Tonks.  We loved reconnecting … ignoring the texts from our kids and husbands and scootering anywhere we wanted for as long as we damn well wanted.



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