It’s almost officially fall , so, it’s officially fake stupid dumb money suckin’ invented activity time. Hi Guys !!  Did you miss me? I missed YOU GUYS !!

I mean in the summer, no one has to come up with stuff for us to do right? There’s all kinds of ways to have fun !!  Yes, I like the stuff that happens on the water. ( the mermaid paddle board might be pushing it .. but it was super cute)


But, when it comes to the fall, the “fall people” think they need to invent stuff.  Stupid dumb things like goat yoga.  You go to a farm. You allow a goat to climb on your back… the LEAST relaxing thing.  Then the goat poops and pees all over your back.


Yes, I do understand that the goat being all ” goat like” is supposed to make your stress and anxiety fall away.  BUT, I find it incredibly stressful to have these animals … some of which are cute … crawling their way to the best poop spot on everyone’s back.  It’s like they bring in suckers for the goats to poop on. I vol-un-told my intern she had to do it. Then, I spent hours apologizing to her.


Now, I like a walk in a pumpkin patch or a sunflower field just like anyone else. But, those things are typically free and so far a sunflower has never pooped on me. WARNING: BE AWARE THERE MAY BE BEES in the sunflower field.


There are also trees to climb and long walks to go on… remember the weather is getting less sweaty, less heat and humidity-ish so it really makes for a nice afternoon of doing whatever you want … climbing and exploring whatever you find.  It can happen on walk or even on a walk from school headed to the next activity.  A few minutes of exploring can go a long way my friends.  The farm people are awesome. But, did you know there is a whole industry called agri-tainment?  It means farmers are putting ziplines up and inviting beer gardens in to entertain us.  I am fine with a zipline and I assume you guys know how I feel about beer. YES PLEASE!!  More zip-lines less goats. ( yes, I get it it’s a farm)


Now, if you must hang with goats… I am cool with that, but, can you just hang with goats?  Andddd if you are going to do yoga that’s fine.  You can even do it outside… that’s fine too.  But, the goats and the yoga and the poop and pee is just so insane to me.

I’ve missed you guys ! I’ll check in again soon… and it will probably be the sweet nice Jenn we all know so well ( haha)  Candidly, I’ve had a cold for a few weeks and my daughter just made me a pumpkin spice coffee AND IT’S GOING TO BE 80 DEGREES TODAY so I figured I could less loose here…

Here’s to wearing shorts and drinking beer until the snow comes !!

Published by JennFred

Mom. Wine Lover. Sarcastic as BEEP


  1. I honestly never thought of the fact that they could poop on you, and I am a farm girl. I don’t think I would find it relaxing at all, mostly because I hate how goats like to chew on everything. I would be worried about them chewing on my hair or my shirt etc


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