Hate is a strong word.  Especially used like… this ” I hate myself!!”

This is the season we all want to drink beer, eat pumpkin donuts and spend Sunday on a couch, at a Birds game or eating Mom’s Sunday dinner… anywhere but at the gym or a diet workshop.  We also want to look cute in those skinny jeans and a tucked in sweater.   Ladies, if you think you can have both — you are living in fantasyland.  I have been really hating myself lately. Yes, I know … I’m supposed to be the “fun one”.


So, I’ve decided to make some tiny adjustments.  I think you can too !

Let’s start with Mondays. I HATE EVERYTHING I WEAR … basically me … every Monday. The right closet picks are part of the equation.  I know you have some pieces right there in that over stuffed closet.

Flowy tops aren’t always the best option.  An A-line dress is always amazing.  Working out in October, November and beyond is also part of the equation. And, a workout does not have to be 90 minutes at the gym.

This time of year, I find it super hard to fit the kids activities, friends & work commitments in with the willpower & consistency it takes to have a solid workout and diet plan. So, I blend them all in.

I have decided that I will do something for 30 minutes a day at least 6 days a week.  I’d like to workout for at least 60 minutes 4 of those days. I WILL NOT BEAT MYSELF UP if it does not go as planned each and every week.  I will walk if I am waiting for a kid during an activity … I won’t sit parked in my car scrolling Instagram and Facebook.  Those steps go a long way in making my body feel like it’s kind of healthy.

Also, I have made some promises to myself this year.  I am not going to try and put on skin tight sweater dresses and tucked in too tiny turtlenecks.  I will attempt to look cute & on trend.  But, I will re-use dresses and other items from my closet to make it all work.  If recycling is good enough for Kate Middleton & Megan Markle I think it’s good enough for all of us.


At the same time. we are living in an Instagram obsessed world. So, taking pictures is part of the game.  It’s part of the deal where I work … it’s one of the parts I totally hate.




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