Save me!!

So, we are headed into week 3 of this corona-quarantine.  The kids are starting to go nuts, everyone is tired of each other.  The worst part? Facing the mirror each morning.

I do not think we all realized how much time and money we were spending to keep ourselves looking so mediocre ( I mean we are cute and all but really)   Hair, nails and our skin is really taking a beating.


Part of my job is delivering the latest fashion and beauty trends to the women of Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware.  I visit all kinds of places. Now, I am the one who is calling and asking them for help.  -BEGGING FOR HELP- One of my favorite people is Rosa at SALON ROSA M


She works with several brands, she is the one who actually does the models hair before they walk at fashion week in NYC.  She is the real deal.   Her biggest piece of advice on staying cute while while quarantined?  Just keep up with your roots.


She says everything we need is at CVS, Amazon or Target.  She says STYLE EDIT  root spray is our new bestie.  You spray it on … and it does not kill your hair.  Remember, you destroy your hair… you destroy your relationship with your stylist. YOUR STYLIST WILL DIVORCE YOU IF YOU SCREW THIS UP.



If you are going to color your whole head, this SCHWARZKOPF  


stuff has been recommended to me by several stylists.


There are plenty of stylists who are just mixing the hair color at home and selling it to you.  That way you can throw the concoction on your own head at home.  It might be worth asking the person you typically go to!!  A few of my buddies have tried that and loved it.


Next, if your hands aren’t try and cracking… YOU ARE NOT WASHING THEM ENOUGH!!  A few months ago we did some TV with Dr Jason Bloom.  He mentioned some fancy stuff, but, the one thing I that is really saving my hands and my kids is this aquaphor spray.


It’s genius… not so sticky and so damn helpful. The kids love and it is really saving our hands from being dry and cracked. It’s the same deal with my nails.  I USED TO HAVE REALLY CUTE NAILS.  But, the salons are closed. My favorite is LACQUER LOUNGE in Olde City, Philadelphia.


1. Yes it rreeeeaaaally is that pretty. 2. Each girl that works there is nice and helpful and an excellent therapist.  I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.  We talk relationships, work, kids and nails.  Lisa, the owner says she cannot help with the therapy sessions, but, she di say that NAILTIQUES WILL SAVE US.  Again, you can order this stuff on Amazon.. hit the target or local drugstore.


HAIR -check

HANDS – check

OHHHH… our face needs help too!  A ton of you have commented on my skin lately.  Yes, it’s dewier… yes I use INSTAGRAM filters… but, seriously there is one thing



that I think has been a GAME CHANGER. ( FYI, I have super dry skin) It’s this DEME HYDROPRO serum oil stuff.  The thing I love about DEME is that you can order a sample.  I have been putting this oil serum magic stuff on my face day and night and I have been really impressed.  It’s under my makeup and it makes me look like I am drinking water and sleeping.  WHO THE HELL IS DRINKING WATER AND SLEEPING??


The trick to layering crap on your skin is going thinnest to thicket.  The oil stuff is great,but, I have to admit the one item I have loved for several years is the daily moisturizer from Dr Eric Bernstein   It’s the last thing I put on before I leave the house.


There are very few things ( products) that I have been using year to year.  I have beauty product ADHD- I cannnnnnnnot focus.  This stuff is the real deal.  It’s thick enough to feel like it is delivering moisture to your skin. Thin enough to wear when it’s 96 degrees out.  I honestly have tried so much & this continues to be the gold standard for me.

I know in a world where people are on respirators and afraid to leave their home this stuff might be a little silly to write about.  But, it’s the world we are all living in.

A scary, unattractive world.  Hoping this helps. Hoping to get out of this damn house today…

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4 thoughts on “Save me!!

  1. I just have me to entertain and amuse. You have 2 β€œangels β€œ and a job. You and Karen will be nominated for sainthood


  2. Thanks for the tips. Not that we are going anywhere πŸ™‚. But it sure does help your mood πŸ’•


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