CO-vintimacy. Yes, it’s a word.

Co-vintimacy is a word if I say it’s a word… that’s how it works now right? We are all just adapting to the new normal… one day more screwed up that the next.  No, I am not including you JACKSONVILLE BEACH

because you guys are screwing up all the work we are doing here in the rest of the USA. Jacksonville does not know how to ‘adapt’.  I would imagine they are not really into this whole Co-vintimacy thing either.


CO-vintimacy comes from living on top of each other in the most uncomfortable ways imaginable.


Just last week I forced my 14 year old son to sing DISNEY songs with me …   I did not see that coming 12 weeks ago. He didn’t see it coming 10 minutes before the singalong.. haha.  We are riding bikes, taking walks ( I am forcing him) and along the way I am learning way more about him than I would have if I was just picking him up from lacrosse practice and asking about his English project.

70 year old men are dying their wives hair for the first time. Think about that, you have had babies together, I am sure there have been other reasons for hospitals and doctors and long periods of isolation and yet THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IN HISTORY someone has had to color Grandma’s hair.  This is serious folks… and it’s intimate.

I have friends living in Manhattan with two kids and no where to go.  Most of my NYC based buddies also have to find a space to do TV.  TV with toddlers is proof my people have grit.  My singing teen has no clue just how good he actually has it right now.


The close quarters ( no matter where you are) are also leading us to watch some pretty messed up stuff on TV.  Yes, I am looking at you TIGER KING. I THINK we are / were so attracted to that because the film makers really let us into that guy’s world… in a very intimate way.


Additionally, in a world so upside down right now we can look at Joe Exotic and say, ” hey, my life is pretty normal compared to him, them, WOOHOO”

The series Unorthodox is the same thing.  Like… sure you are arguing with your husband more often, but, you still love him enough to just keep doing that laundry and smiling. No one is flying to Berlin over a co-vid fight. I also think we are attracted to the haircuts in Unorthodox… no hair dye required.


The other part of this CO-vintimacy is how deep we are going into each other’s homes.  The buttoned-up news anchor types from all of the big networks and cable channels are letting us see their kids, their basements ( sorry Cuomo) and the rest of the real parts of their home life.  Part of it was just forced on everyone.

Here at my house the kids are coming downstairs and I am talking to movie stars and NFL football players GO EAGLES. I am seeing inside their homes… they can see mine.



I do believe the co-vintimacy will turn out to be one product of this mess that will be good for the world.  Like, yes I can withstand weeks with my family.  Sure, we can take an online painting class and do a ZOOM workout if we need to sweat and clear our minds.  No, I do not want to do this ever, ever, EVER again.


We are also going to value the grocery store gal, the pizza delivery dude more for years to come.  I just know we are…  I’ve talked to some people about kindness.  The greaaaat thing about a deadly pandemic is you really get to see who the jerks are and who is really willing to help someone when they ( we) need it most.  I am hoping I am on the nice list.   Santa’s list , and the one all of you guys have started during this insanity !!

So, one last thing.   I have had downtime ( kind of / not really) and I finally have the time to do a podcast !!  Truth be told I have no clue what I am doing but I figured now is the time to try it.   It’s called AMERICA’S BEST FRIEND



Starting tomorrow you can find it on Apple or RADIOINFLUENCE.COM  I am hoping you check it out … subscribe … just show me a little love as I get this thing going.

Have to go now … dreaming up a great way to torture the kids.  Hoping you are doing the same to whoever you are with … CO-vintimacy.  It’s a great thing if you can use it to your advance !!



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8 thoughts on “CO-vintimacy. Yes, it’s a word.

  1. You are and always have been zany since I started following you on29. When you were a part of the inside group. You are always let’s try and see if it works person. Keep it going lady


  2. Very simple… You ROCK! From the news stories, blogs and posts you know how to keep it real 👍🏻🥰🍷🍫


  3. You are so creative and clever – and America’s Best Friend is perfect….a grown up Philly gal around town(they’ve all been trying to copy you). Thank YOU for being YOU:fantabulous!


  4. You are awesome Jenn! Awesome article! Thank you for adding a new word to my vocabulary. I now have to use it 3 times in the next 24 hours to make it officially part of my vocabulary for good. Best wishes to you and the fam! Stay safe and may your supply of wine be plentiful!


  5. I was with you on everything but the Tiger King. That show is fulls of lies and is disgusting that people are such “fans” of it. Anyhoo, otherwise you’ve said it all the best. Thank Jen


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