I love the idea, really, I do !! Take your daughter to work day. It’s now take your kid to work day. I LOVE THIS IDEA. But, why does it have to be during the school year? Kids have alllllll summer off.  We can’t bring them in then?  I’d love to skip the cost of a sitter and bring them in.  Plus, they won’t miss the school & sports stuff that is happening this time of year.

I will agree that if Mom or Dad is a teacher there should be an exception. But, 99 % of the kids who have parents who work are not teachers.  Don’t quote me on that percentage… I’m making this crap up as I type.

Another issue… I’d like all of the companies who have special stuff for the kids to do…  TO STOP DOING THAT !!  I am sick of hearing how BLANK company had a brunch and a merry go round for the kids to entertain them.  DO YOU HAVE A MERRY GO ROUND IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR OFFICE?  We do not. So, my kids are not interested in coming to my work.

I think the kiddos need to see the real stuff.  Sometimes, it’s boring. Sometimes we have to stay late. Meetings are boring. Charts, graphs, expense reports ARE BORING. I’d love to for them to see me get yelled at by my Boss. If we deliver a LEGO fueled fun day what’s the point??

So, here’s the deal. THE REAL REASON FOR THIS RANT.  It’s my kiddos…  You see, my kids are jerks. I work at a flippin’ TV STATION. My job is to interview celebrities and eat pizza. My daughter DOES NOT want to come to work with me??  Why? Our vending machines.  THEY SUCK.  Apparently, the vending machines at the software company where my husband works are amazing.  There is YORK peppermint patties and HERSHEY bars … several kinds.  We have pretzels and hummus.  My kids are not coming to work with me tomorrow.  If your kids are – GOOD LUCK.

CHARGE UP THE MERRY GO ROUND.  GET A BUCKET FULL OF CANDY. Candidly, I’m jealous.  I wish my daughter was interested in coming with me.  Some day she’ll see how cool my job can be.  On that day I might even walk her over to the CVS to get her all the candy she wants …

It’s 9:15 pm on a Friday …

5 Moms .. we had some drinks, some salad and it was time to pack it in.  At 9:15. On a Friday night.


Helloooooo Villanova College Bar – WE ARE HERE !!  We did not leave there until 11:45 !!  We danced like we were at a wedding. We laughed like we were at a comedy show.  Like an old school Eddie Murphy comedy show.  Have I mentioned that the crew I hang with goes from carline to dirty jokes in a … wait … sometimes we are telling dirty jokes IN CARLINE.



Between lacrosse games and swim team practice my friends THESE INSANE WOMEN find a way to make time for each other.  That is the point of today’s post.  You need to find some friends that make you laugh so hard that your face hurts.  Then, you need to make time for those friends. We are so busy trying to be the perfect Mom… the perfect employee … the perfect wife and sometimes you just need to dance like no one is watching. Say stuff that would get you kicked out of Church. ( or carline)

As for the diet … I am still cruising along.  You saw that I ordered salad at a place known for wings, right?  It’s all about balance. Not giving up and giving in to those wings. I knew I was in that college bar to have some drinks. I had to choose those beers over wings. Can’t have both my friends.  Honestly, what I am finding is that the more I make the right choices when it comes to food, the easier it gets. YES I LOVE FRIES. But, I hate to look at the calories and fat that I see when I eat them or put them in the food log.

Some of my friends have asked if I have learned anything in the short time I have been trying to slim down. The answer is … I think so.  So far, the more I take the time to write down EVERYTHING I am eating the more I care.  I think I’ve mentioned I’m using the app my fitness pal.  My doctor recommended it years ago.  I didn’t listen.  It’s working… guess I have to say thanks to the doctor.

Finally – I have been taking pictures along the way.  That’s helping too.  SEEING what is happening or not happening ( week to week) is an eye-opener.  Have some fun this weekend. DANCE YOUR ASS OFF IF YOU GET THE CHANCE !! ( even in your own kitchen)


Official DAY ONE of OFFICIAL stupid dumb diet idea… today there is some swearing.

Freezing cold DID YOU SEE THE DATE? Literally snowing in Philly in freakin’ April.  I just got back from FL vacay.   Annnnd, I had to be at work at dumb stupid 3:30 am.  TOTAL BS!!!  I had to be in CAPE MAY by 5:45 am during a damn stupid pain in the ass snow storm.



So, I drank a ton of coffee.  Then, I had New England clam chowder at 10 am. It was like lunch time for me… I was in a NJ shore town OK?? Good News: I did not eat the damn homemade awesome looking strawberry shortcake that I found when I arrived back in the newsroom. That’s a major victory for me , OK? I had to catch up on work stuff , so, I stayed at work til 2 pm…  long day yes?

Came home.  Ready for a major nap. Sooooo ready for that nap. Took an 11 minute nap because kid #1 forgot his Lacrosse stick and needed it for practice. So, like a hired hand … I spring into service to the 7th grader. (these kids have phones why can they multi task?)  I BORROWED (stole) A LACROSSE STICK from my friend who is an athletic director at a nearby school.  DROPPED THE STICK AT 7th grade Lacrosse. (kiddo did say thanks so I will allow him to live) NAP NOW? Hell no. Off to Picked up 3rd graders and drop them at gymnastics. Grocery shopped. (It’s like I’m a single Mom but I’m not ) walked FAST while I talked to my buddies WHO WENT TO A PRIVATE GATED HOME IN MEXICO for 30 minutes. (That was my exercise today) Drove 3rd graders back home and ate grilled chicken etc Zoe’s takeout. NOT DONE YET.  Noooooooooooo… Food prepped for Tuesday. SO HELL YEAH I HAD A GLASS OF 🍷 tonight.  Today was an insane day but my fitness pal app says I came in with less than 1200 calories.  I am calling today a win and I am headed to bed.. Hopefully I can sleep for longer than 11 damn stupid minutes. Waking up early sucks … it’s the worst part of my job.