I’m clean…

I showered (hate showering on a weekend) and more importantly I’M CLEAN!!  What the hell does that mean??

It means I cleaned up my closet !!


MY CLOSET IS ALWAYS A MESS. It’s the size of a bedroom and it is the grande collector of crap in this house. Luggage ? SURE ! The weird science light kit my kid got as a Christmas Gift? RIGHT HERE ! My High School CHEERLEADING uniform ? OF COURSE IT’S IN A GIANT PILE OF CRAP IN MY CLOSET !!

As a big time morning TV star ( that’s a total joke)  I do run into the organizers of the world.  Candidly, most of them are just moving shit from one side of your house to another.  It’s totally frustrating.  Or, they want to throw everything out !!  I decided to take a middle of the road approach and use some of the advice I have seen work along the way.  Most of the good advice I’m using comes from Jenn Mapp Bressan

Number one?


I put the luggage back where it belongs and moved some other junk out of my closet.  Just clearing the crap off of the floor made a huge difference.  It took less than 20 minutes and it was all the push I needed to keep going.


Next, I really started to thin out those racks of clothes.  We all have them.  Stuff on hangars we SWEAR we are going to wear at some point.


I always want to keep the ‘Saturday Night’ outfits… the black tie stuff. But, here’s the deal.  If you are going to fancy place in a fancy outfit you are going to take tons of pictures. YOU SHOWERED ON A SATURDAY FOR GOODNESS SAKES. So, you will likely want something new.  Ladies … guys too… you can get that fancy outfit at TARGET


Red Velvet dress and faux fur thing … TARGET!!  And who cares !!  Sure, I will wear it again, but, the whole look was less than $50 … a babysitter costs more than that !! Our station stylist ALISA FREDERICO my “Fred Sista” has access to all of the brands and stores you can think of…   she has shown me the black tie Target look is here to stay. ( FYI – I put the above look together without her help… )

The other tip I like is to try to get the hangars to all look the same.  Yes, the organizers ( hi Jenn) will tell you to buy 476 new hangars so it all looks smililar, but, who the hell is actually doing that?  I will say that I did chuck all of the dry-cleaning hangars that were just taking up space.  I tossed the other garbage in the room too !!  I used the nice hangars I already had in places where I will seem them often.  Like, in the pants department.  Everyone has to wear pants… hee hee.



It just FEELS BETTER !! I worked for about 2 1/2 hours to get the place back in order.  No, it is not perfect or really ready for a photoshoot.  I just wanted it cleaned out a bit so that I can see what I need and what I have.


I did learn that I bought one too many huggles… you know the giant fluffy blanket things that the kids love this time of year? I bought a new one this year because I couldn’t find the one from last winter.


I also learned I likely have items for just about any Halloween costume out there… gold disco shorts ?? SURE !!


Yes, I could have spent a few more hours on it, but , I have other crap I want to do. Now, you might be asking where is all of the shit going??  It’s going to THRED UPimg_0179

They send you this bag.  You put EVERYTHING in the bag. They decide what they want to pay you for … they donate the rest !!


THEY DO EVERYTHING !! Yes, you could donate all of your stuff to a local charity. I love LAUREL HOUSE … they are a home for domestic abuse victims in Montgomery County, PA.

But, seriously, you have just done a huge job clearing the stuff out.  Let THREAD UP do the rest of the work. (help your local charities on other occasions)

They say that clutter can really weigh you down emotionally.  You can see that crazy closet and you just cannot make time to clean it up.



TRUE CONFESSION TIME… I hate it when you notice my…

Victoria Secret Models, the damn Kardashians and JLo… they all look skinny, happy and tan this time of year.  Skinny and happy is on you.  Today I am here to help with the tan. The sunless tan.  No fuss no muss no ‘6 step process’ we don’t have time for TAN…

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IPL is fine if you are a baby. I’m more badass than baby.

What the hell is IPL? INTENSE PULSED LIGHT.  IPL treatments are ok for some sun damage spots, but, I have some real painful shit for you if you have real deal sun damaged skin. As they say, no pain no gain. Let’s take a look at my disgusting skin adventure so far shall we ??  And yes there are nasty pictures.Continue reading “IPL is fine if you are a baby. I’m more badass than baby.”